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When it comes to reliable, business-oriented laptops hp probook 6570b, Hewlett Packard (HP) is a name that frequently comes up. Known for producing a wide range of laptops tailored for various needs, HP has carved a niche for itself in both the consumer and professional markets. One of its standout offerings is the HP ProBook 6570b.

Design and Build Quality

Materials and Durability

The HP ProBook 6570b is built like a tank. Crafted from high-quality materials, it combines a magnesium-reinforced chassis with a brushed aluminum finish, giving it both durability and a premium feel. This laptop is designed to withstand the rigors of daily business use, whether it’s commuting or frequent traveling.

Weight and Dimensions

Weighing in at about 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs), the ProBook 6570b is not the lightest laptop on the market, but it’s a reasonable trade-off for the robustness it offers. Its dimensions are practical, fitting comfortably into most standard laptop bags without being too bulky.


Despite its solid build, the ProBook 6570b is relatively portable. While it might not be the ideal choice for someone looking for an ultra-light laptop, its portability is sufficient for most business professionals who need a dependable device on the go.


Screen Size and Resolution

The HP ProBook 6570b features a 15.6-inch display, which strikes a good balance between usability and portability. With a standard resolution of 1366×768 pixels, it offers adequate clarity for most tasks. There is also an option for a higher resolution display, which enhances visual detail.

Color Accuracy and Brightness

The screen provides decent color accuracy, suitable for everyday office tasks and light media consumption. While it might not be ideal for professional photo editing or color-critical work, it serves well for presentations and document editing. The brightness levels are sufficient for indoor use, but can struggle under direct sunlight.

Viewing Angles

The viewing angles on the ProBook 6570b are respectable. The anti-glare coating helps reduce reflections, making it easier to view the screen from various positions without significant color distortion.


Processor Options

Under the hood, the ProBook 6570b offers a range of Intel processors, from the Core i3 to the more powerful Core i7. This flexibility allows users to choose a configuration that best suits their performance needs and budget.

RAM and Storage

With options ranging from 4GB to 16GB of RAM, multitasking on the ProBook 6570b is smooth and efficient. Storage options include traditional hard drives (HDD) and faster solid-state drives (SSD), giving users the choice between ample storage space or quicker boot and load times.

Graphics Performance

While not a gaming laptop, the ProBook 6570b comes with integrated Intel HD Graphics, which is adequate for business applications, video playback, and even some light gaming. For more demanding graphical tasks, some configurations offer discrete graphics options.

Operating System

Windows Versions Compatibility

The ProBook 6570b is compatible with various versions of Windows, including Windows 7, 8, and 10. This ensures a broad range of software compatibility, catering to different user preferences and business needs.

User Experience and Interface

Running on Windows, the user experience is intuitive and user-friendly. The interface is straightforward, making it easy for users to navigate and manage their applications and files efficiently.

Battery Life

Battery Capacity

The laptop is equipped with a 6-cell (55WHr) battery, which is fairly standard for business laptops of this caliber. It provides a reasonable balance between battery life and weight.

Real-World Usage

In practical terms, the ProBook 6570b delivers around 5-7 hours of battery life on a single charge, depending on usage patterns. For general office tasks like word processing, web browsing, and video conferencing, it performs admirably.

Charging Time

Charging the ProBook 6570b from 0% to 100% typically takes around 2-3 hours. This is quite convenient for users who need a quick recharge between meetings or during travel.


Ports and Slots

Connectivity is a strong suit for the ProBook 6570b. It comes equipped with multiple USB ports (including USB 3.0), a VGA port, DisplayPort, eSATA/USB combo port, and an ExpressCard/54 slot. There’s also a smart card reader and an optional fingerprint sensor for added security.

Wireless Connectivity

The laptop supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, ensuring reliable wireless connectivity. This is crucial for business users who rely on stable internet connections for their daily tasks.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Keyboard Layout and Comfort

The ProBook 6570b features a full-sized keyboard with a numeric keypad, providing a comfortable typing experience. The keys are well-spaced and have good travel, making long typing sessions less tiring.

Touchpad Responsiveness

The touchpad is responsive and supports multi-touch gestures, which enhance productivity and ease of use. It’s accurately calibrated, offering smooth navigation and control.

Audio and Webcam

Speaker Quality

The audio quality on the ProBook 6570b is satisfactory for a business laptop. The speakers deliver clear sound, suitable for conference calls and media playback, though they might lack the depth and bass for a full multimedia experience.

Webcam Specifications

The integrated webcam offers 720p HD resolution, which is adequate for video conferencing. It captures clear and detailed images, making it a reliable tool for virtual meetings.

Security Features

Biometric Security

Security is a priority for the ProBook 6570b. It includes a fingerprint scanner, which provides an extra layer of protection and convenient login options.

TPM and Encryption

The laptop also features a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip and supports hardware-based encryption, ensuring that sensitive data is well-protected against unauthorized access.

Software and Utilities

Pre-installed Software

HP pre-installs a variety of useful software on the ProBook 6570b, including business productivity tools and security applications. These pre-installed utilities help enhance the overall user experience and productivity.

HP Utilities

HP also provides its own set of utilities, such as HP Support Assistant and HP Power Manager, which assist in maintaining the laptop’s performance and managing power consumption effectively.


RAM and Storage Expansion

One of the standout features of the ProBook 6570b is its upgradability. Users can easily access and upgrade the RAM and storage, ensuring the laptop can keep up with evolving needs and technologies.

User-Friendly Access

The bottom panel of the laptop can be removed without much hassle, allowing users to perform upgrades or maintenance with minimal effort. This feature is especially appreciated by IT departments and tech-savvy users.

Price and Value for Money

Pricing Range

The ProBook 6570b is competitively priced, offering a range that accommodates different budgets. Depending on the configuration, prices can vary, but it generally provides good value for money considering its features and performance.

Comparisons with Competitors

When compared to other laptops in its category, the ProBook 6570b stands out for its build quality, security features, and upgradability. While some competitors might offer lighter or more powerful options, the overall package offered by HP makes it a strong contender in the business laptop market.

Pros and Cons

Strengths of the HP ProBook 6570b

  • Robust build quality
  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Strong security features
  • User-friendly upgradability
  • Decent performance for business tasks

Potential Drawbacks

  • Heavier than some competitors
  • Display could be brighter
  • Not ideal for high-end graphical tasks


In summary, the HP ProBook 6570b is a reliable and robust business laptop that ticks many of the right boxes for professional users. Its solid build quality, extensive connectivity options, and strong security features make it a worthy investment for anyone needing a dependable workhorse. While it may not be the lightest or the flashiest laptop on the market, its balance of performance, durability, and upgradability ensures it remains a solid choice in its category.


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